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Lead Generation

Generate leads from your website traffic

Generating new leads is a vital part of your growth strategy but attracting traffic to your site is only part of the story, you need to engage with them to cultivate a relationship. People buy, not companies, so you need to start a conversation to begin the relationship. Jerram’s innovative instant messaging tool Engage™ will enable you to start a conversation with your online visitors.

Engage™ allows you have to have conversations directly with customers and prospects in real time. You will learn who and where your website visitors are and exactly what they are looking for allowing you to maximise the user’s experience by instantly, and efficiently, guiding them to the information they need.

How can Engage™ web chat help your search marketing campaigns?

  • Engage™ works with organic searches allowing you to see the key words and phrases your customer used to arrive on your site.
  • Engage™ can be fully integrated with your PPC campaigns so you can identify and monitor which Adwords visitors responded to.
  • Automatic alerts can notify you of specific Adwords visitors so you can assist them with their precise need at their optimum moment.
  • View the search results page from which your visitor arrived to see your position against your competitor.

How can Engage web chat help your sales and customer service efforts?

Engage can produce daily, weekly and monthly analytics reports of visitor behaviour to give your sales teams all the background necessary to convert visitors into profitable customers. It’s a customer service enhancement tool that allows you to send out all the right messages and begin conversations that could lead to more new business.

Improve your conversion rates with Google Analytics

If an online chat facility won’t work for you we can still help you to convert your leads to customers.

Through the use of Google Analytics Jerram can analyse your website to maximise ‘site stickiness’ and improve customer engagement by;

  • Monitoring conversion rates
  • Reducing bounce rates
  • Optimising goal funnels

The web provides great exposure about your customers, you can quickly identify what they want, what is popular and more importantly what is not popular, which enables you to adjust your web offering for a more targeted approach.

A targeted, integrated approach to generating leads…

Maximising your new business opportunities and generating leads works best when your adopt an integrated approach. Click on the links below to see how we can work with you to ensure your marketing strategy is consistent across all aspects of your communications. 

  • Website design – maximise your user’s experience with a well designed, navigable site
  • SEO & PPC – boost your exposure in the search results pages to produce quality leads
  • Social Media – extend your reach by incorporating relevant social media
  • Branding & Advertising – ensure that your messages are clear and consistent

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