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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the perfect B2B marketing platform, including; profile design, business pages and targeted advertising

You will probably already have at least a personal profile on LinkedIn. There are a number of ways in which Jerram can help you leverage the power of LinkedIn's capabilities as a relationship and networking tool.

LinkedIn profile design and programming

The Jerram team can help you design and build your LinkedIn business pages. We can use LinkedIn to showcase your people, your products and your services.

LinkedIn pages from Jerram can include:

  • Integrated blog and news feeds
  • Integrated Twitter feds
  • Integrated portfolios
  • Linked Slides via slideshare
  • Linked documents and resources
  • Embedded videos

Let Jerram take the strain. We can build your B2B profile in quick order and allow you to continue the development process easily via our social media broadcasting solution - the MOLE Social Media Dashboard.

B2B advertising targeted by 'profile'

LinkedIn offers a profile based advertising platform that targets decision markets within your ideal network. It works in a similar way to Facebook in that the system holds a lot of information about your target audience - and it uses this data to match you to your market.

Jerram can help you achieve a targeted advertising campaign very quickly - LinkedIn advertising incorporates advanced targeting capabilities based on profile information including: company size, job role, industry, seniority, geo-location and more. Additionally we can use sponsored placements for adverts and banners within Linked in to build awareness and drive traffic to targeted landing pages.

See anything you like?

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you develop your business beyond recognition

Call us: 0845 003 7246
Email us: ideas@jerram.co.uk



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