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Money Workout

Website Design & Build / Dynamic Mortgage Finder Integration

Money Workout was a start up company looking to offer a new, unbiased, whole-of-market perspective on mortgages.

Money Workout approached Jerram as a new client in need of a comprehensive way in which to search every mortgage on the market, in order to offer a whole-of-market perspective to the user. The resulting tool was created in Adobe Flex and provided an innovative solution.


"We liked the approach Jerram took to the project on which we worked closely to ensure the tool in particular was as good as it could be. The project regularly presented challenges, all of which Jerram and ourselves worked hard and well together to resolve. The result continues to deliver."


What the client wanted

They wanted a means by which users could input their mortgage requirements and see a comprehensive list of realistic mortgage alternatives.
The result was a single tool built in Adobe Flex which instantly searches the mortgage market based in the criteria specified. As well as the tool, Jerram designed and built the Money Workout website, (the identity was provided) within which the tool sits. Pretty smart we think.



Moneyworkout Website

Money Workout was designed to be clear, fresh-looking and as user friendly as possible. The website content is edited and maintained by Money Workout through the MODx Content Management Framework.

  • Moneyworkout Website
  • Money Workout Mortgage Tool

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