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The social CRM dashboard for News and PR professionals

According to industry experts Gartner, they anticipate the social CRM market to reach $1 billion in revenue by year-end 2012, up from 600 million in 2010. (Gartner, Social CRM Market Definition and Magic Quadrant Criteria, 2011)

Businesses and other organizations are increasingly placing emphasis on integrating social technologies and the resulting insights into business processes, and marketing professionals are actively integrating these into their business and marketing plans.
Social CRM Dashboard with Metrics
Where emphasis was on a range of tactical marketing approaches including email marketing, out-bound telemarketing and other direct methods – the shift to social has made the choice to contact live with the buyer. Its a turn around that many smaller or older businesses are struggling to comprehend, and it is definitely revolutionizing the marketing environment.

However, there is a gap in the market for social crm and social integration tools. Most broadcast and integrate well, but from a social stand-point only. So, often a social ‘dashboard’ like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck – and even Gigya will deliver excellent capabilities for Twitter – but lack truly intelligent integration with blogs and other social activities.

Moreover, in our experience a business needs to broadcast in a more intelligent and carefully constructed way. The News and Press Release aspects of a website are often overlooked as socials ‘aging’ cousin. But, what if the business could use News, Insights and PR as the hub for social broadcasting? What if the News and PR activities of the business actually spawned the social conversation and behaved as the hub of a social CRM solution?

Watch this space. Jerram are delivering the first social CRM dashboard that works in this way. Its easy to use, cheap to deploy and makes social make sense. Will it include analytics? Can I have multiple users and accounts? Of course – what else would you expect in a joined up world?

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